Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guess I was hungry

It seems most of my yard sale finds this week revolve around food... either shipping it, storing it, serving it, or advertising it.

Before you see what I mean maybe I better explain something.
I must confess... my taste in decorating is not excusively "Cottage".
(GASP! I know, I know, please don't stop loving me!)

Each room in my house seems to be taking on whichever style that fits it. My living room is pink. Pink carpet, pink flowered wallpaper, flowers, birds, the works. Very fufu. Very cottage.
My dining room is lace curtains, lace tablecloth, and taking on elements of victorian, with lots of handpainted flowers.

The family room is more primitive or rustic country I guess.

And my bathroom and bedrooms haven't even told me yet what they want to be when they grow up. I told them I don't want to hear about it until they have fresh paint on their walls. :)

Anyway, that is why I choose such a variety of items while at yardsales. If I like it, I buy it. I never worry about finding just the right place for it. "It" tells me where it goes!

In fact the "voices" tell me lots of things...BU HA HA HA!

Ok, enough silliness. Here are my finds for this week.

A few signs, $1.00 each

A cool wooden box for shipping corned beef from Argentina. $2

Tiered wrought iron and wicker stand. $2

Cut glass dish with silver ring around top and silver fork and spoon. $1.50

Fancy Schmancy clock. $2.
What does this have to with food?
It's always time for food, of course!

Ok, gotta go.....I could use a snack!

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  1. I love your sense of humor! So refreshing. I'm afraid I wasn't liking you very much, size 2, 3 homes, fancy friends...good thing I read on!!! I love your candy sign and the wooden box, they are all great finds and for good prices! Hugs, ~cindy s~

  2. I really enjoy your blog! Great finds at great prices but even better - you really make me laugh! Thanks so much for that - I need it!

  3. Neat stuff! I've always felt if you love something it will work in somehow. I can never stick to just one style, or color scheme!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has different styles going on in their house! The kitchen is vintage 40s, the rest of the house is cottage, and the basement is a typical "man cave". AND, I like Prim and Northwoods too! Love that clock, and what a great price!
    Corned beef comes from Argentina?

  5. Bonnie Love the signs and the wooden box. I would love me a wooden box. Thanks for visiting me at Seven Palms, hope youll visit again. I'm off to check out your blog. Marla

  6. Bonnie,
    My home has many personalities's o.k....
    Love your new signs ! Really love Candy - do I need a reminder....NOT. LOL !

  7. I am a long-time lover of BOXES! Any kind of boxes. Don't know why. I like things that house other things, I guess. And I love houses! There ya go!

  8. Hi Bonnie,
    What great finds! I am so like you, my taste is cottage with a mix and very eclectic. Love your humor and I am also fifty and a size too big! Oh well, life goes on. Cindy