Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sitting Pretty!

Look what I found yardsaling this Friday!!

Isn't it wonderful! Here's some close-ups...

How bout those flowers, huh?

Ok, so I paid 20 dollars for it...
(talked down from 30)

and I usually spend that much for a whole day of yardsaling...

But.., but.., but..

the woman selling it was very nice...

She said she was moving in with her son and had to sell off some of her things.

And I think it's old...

She said she bought the chair years ago at an estate sale.

(what do you mean you had something just like it in the 70's). I don't want to hear about it!

I liked it!

I bought it!

So there! Get off my back! :)

Oh, and I picked a few more items too....

A Chinese Checker Board made entirely of Wood! No cardboard in the middle like nowadays.

Beautiful demitasse cup and saucer. They are actually NOT a matched set, the cup is from Japan, the saucer from England. But they look great together. And so they shall remain. (together that is)

And onward to other sales...where I picked up...

Cute sign for the bathroom.

And let's call this...a chicken rack.

A set of keys.

And yes, another shelf! But look! No heart cutouts this time!

That's it! Now it's time for you to shower me with compliments on my good taste and bargain finding savvy. Then off you go to Rhoda's Southern Hospitality to check out everyone else's thrifty treasures for the week.




  1. I love the chair! And what's up with all the shelves at Goodwill, thirft stores, or yard sales having heart cutouts?! I see 'em all the time.

  2. Consider this a downpour of kudos on your great finds. :) The chair was definitely worth the price. Yes, you did well!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    I love that is beautiful!! Also, that chicken rack is too cute. You found some great things!! I'm having to laugh at the shelves with heart cutouts.....we have some of them from a LONG, LONG time ago!! I painted them hot pink and they are in my daughters room holding her Webkinz.

  4. You found lots of good stuff...BUT OMG, that chair is just wonderful. And $20.00 is a great price.

  5. I think the chair is beautiful!!!

  6. Yes, you did find some great stuff!

    Debbie :)

  7. The chair is a great find even at $20, I would have bought it. Way to go. Marla

  8. Visiting from Rhoda's party. Oh, I like your chair! I don't think I've ever seen a shelf without a heart cutout. ;) ;) The keys would be pretty cool in a shadow box or something. If you have a chance to stop by my spot, I have my 200th post Giveaway today with my Thrifty Treasures. :)

  9. Hi, I LOVE that chair! It is beautiful!! Great finds girl!

  10. Hey Bonnie !
    That chair is neat - hope you find out its to be old !
    I love the teacup and saucer - I have several that weren't a set but, now they are ! I think its kinda of fun that way...
    Wow, you really got some great deals !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  11. Nice finds - I agree with the others, and the chair is the best - so pretty! It might not be as old as you'd think, but still is very nice, no matter what the age!

  12. Like everyone, I love the chair too. What do you plan on doing with it? Will you share?
    Now, I need to go shopping with you! Where do you live again? ;)

  13. What a beautiful chair and love that cup and saucer! Awesome finds!!

  14. LOVE the chair!! You found some other nice things, too. The keys were your best bargain, IMHO. the $3 is usually for one around here!

    *grin* Oh, and I picked up a heart table, just like you did last week in your shelves. I bought a wooden piece to put over the opening and will attach a small embellishment on top of it. For $2.00 I couldn't pass it up, and it will be on the patio, so it doesn't have to be perfect... gotta love the eighties... Sue

  15. Bonnie, ok we will shower you with compliments! Esp. on that gorge chair, love that thing, I would have probably had to buy it too for that price. Sometimes you have to fork over more $$ for good stuff. Love, love it! And oh, I remember playing Chinese checkers growing up, loved that so much.

  16. Nice find on the chair.
    Was at a bead show Sat. One of the vender's had a lot of old/vintage things to use in repurposing jewelry and she was selling vintage skelton keys - $12 lowest price! I passed on those. :)

  17. That chinese checkers board is too cute!

  18. Hello Bonnie - love all your finds. But my fave is that fabulous chair! $20 is a great price, and that you bought it from a nice elderly lady makes it worth every penny!


  19. That chair is gorgeous, and please tell me you're not going to paint it!! Love that checkerboard too. The colors are so vibrant. Are you going to hang it on a wall? That chicken rack is great too!

  20. The chair is really nice! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. All your treasures are great...

  21. Well, one more vote for the chair...I'm envious....

    God Bless...Betty @ Country Charm

  22. Thanks for visiting. Hope I don't get to boring . :-)

  23. The detailing on that chair is beautiful, great find!

  24. LOL looks like your love of hooks began last week!