Sunday, July 12, 2009

This week's goodies!

Heaven is going yard saling 2 days in a row!

(Actually, heaven is floating around a swimming pool in a delicious sun coma, waiting for the pool boy to bring you ice cold champagne and chocolate covered strawberries so you won't be hungry while getting your massage and facial later.)

What was I saying?
Oh yeah, yardsales, they're nice too.
Especially when you hit some good ones....and are able to share them with others, thanks to Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality.
Don't forget to stop over and check out everyone's goodies for the week!

On the left is one of the those thingies,(cabinet? cupboard?) for onions and potatoes. I've always wanted one of these but didn't want to pay retail. So, I didn't even haggle when I saw the $2.00 sticker on this one!

The wooden shelf on the right is 3 tiered, with each shelf shaped like a heart. Isn't it cute? I can't wait to get these painted. Stay tuned for color choices.

Also shown...a large picture that I'm not sure if I'm keeping, a Christmas tablecloth priced $29.95, never used, and the framed print I'm planning on redoing into a chalkboard.

Both the globe and the bell are old. I'm not sure how old til I do a little research. I think maybe I was channeling my sister when I bought them,(She's a teacher), since I usually go for the more fu fu flowered things.

Case in point...

Doncha just love the trays?! And how bout the tablecloth for $1.00. I usually don't have the patience to look through material but this was peeking out of a box calling to me. The colors are perfect!

And of course the plate. I MUST find a plate every time out or it's not a successful yard sale day.

Now I must leave you....the pool boy is waiting to give me my massage.

Thank you so much for visiting. I LOVE your comments!



  1. Wonderful finds, all! I love the trays!

  2. The trays are sooo cute!

  3. Oh, one of those potato thingies with the stained glass! I've always coveted one of those. The trays are gorgeous too. I'm feeling very left out, and feel that I "need" to chalkboard something up. Everyone's doing it but me! Now I'll let you get back to your pool boy. Don't stay in the water too long, or you'll get pruney!

  4. The trays and the plate are absolutely beautiful...but I want to hear more about the pool boy!

  5. Bonnie !
    You are always a hoot (my kind of gal !) !!!
    My mind wanders too....I would like to come relax in your pool being served by your pool boy....Oh Yard sales....that's what we are blogging about...hee hee...I do love all your finds and sooooo cheap - makes it better ! This
    thrifting thing is so addictive !
    Hugs ~ KaMMY

  6. Great finds Bonnie..can't wait to see the transformations you do with some of them

  7. You found some great things. I too love old globes and maps.

  8. You did great!!! How fun and you cracked me up describing the swimming pool scene...

  9. Oh what great finds! I love the toile trays! Nancy

  10. Oh, those tole trays are just beautiful!! Great finds.

  11. That is such a neat bell! I love it. :) Visiting from Rhoda's party! :)

  12. Hi Bonnie! Love that globe, lol! Ours look exactly the same! Love them! Love all of your finds and I love those trays!

    Thanks So Much for stoppin by my blog!!

  13. Great finds!! Love the onion/potato box

  14. Great finds! I like the trays! Now can we see a picture of the pool boy? ;) JK

  15. I LOVE the trays and the plate. You did good! I haven't hit many garage sales this summer, I must be runnin' a fever or something. I'm with Sandra where's the picture of the pool boy ;o)

  16. Pool boy? You got some esplainin to do Lucy!

    Dan (Mr. Cottage Hideaway)