Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hello all! I hope everyone had oodles of sales to go to this weekend. Me....not so much. Not many sales but I was very determined to spend my money.

I really liked these foil prints for $1.00. They have great colors and look fairly old.
These pictures really don't do them justice.

Dh, on the other hand thought they were right up there with Elvis in velvet. Really? Do you think so? Should I be on the lookout for an Elvis to put with these? lol.

I picked up a few frames...

The first one has a crack in the glass but my plans for another chalkboard doesn't require the glass anyway.
And the second one is actually a mirror. The picture is a little blurry but I think you can see how pretty the flowers are.

Found a few wallpaper borders that I loved for future decoupaging. (has anyone tried decoupaging this? Is it too thick?)

And too many wood shelves.

A corner shelf,..

Cute little shadowbox shelf,..

Primitive shelf/towelrack,..

And the dreaded heart shelf. Buyers remorse on this one.

Any suggestions on what I can do to this make this less "70's",and more cottage? Any and all help appreciated.

S'all I got for this week. Don't forget to check out everyone else's treasures over at Southern Hospitality.


  1. you might try covering the entire part with the hearts with fabric or pretty paper, after you paint the whole thing.

    you got good stuff - I see lots of makeovers in their future

  2. Well, my first thought was to either fill in the hearts w/ some wood filler or perhaps you could build a false cover with a thin piece of wood and cover the hearts entirely and make it more straight instead of curved across that bottom panel. I hate buyers remorse!!!

  3. Maybe you could glue some of those thin wood carvings that they sell at Michaels or a hardware store over them. I like the scenes in those foil prints. I'm sure over time hubby will come to treasure them!
    I can't decoupage anything. I always end up with bumps and ridges!

  4. Great finds . I agree with the others - just glue something over the hearts.

  5. I think it will look lovely painted black or white and distressed and on the porch in fact I am looking for exactly that so was surprised you had remorse!

    happy thrifting


  6. Hi Bonnie!

    I was just reading your about me, and I can see you have a good sense of humor! Love it!
    Oh, I like the little shelf with the hearts. Paint it a creamy white, or a darker color to match your decor, and it should be fine!


  7. Go over to this site to learn about fixing up all those 80's type shelves... she's really good at it!

  8. Bonnie, I think I see a lot of paint in your future! LOL What were you planning to do with your prints? Paint the frames or just repair the damage? You cracked me up- you were determined to spend your money.... Have fun with your finds. Sue

  9. Hi Bonnie, I almost choked reading your profile. You are too funny! I think you could get creative with some beautiful scrapping paper on the heart shelf. It has a nice decorative edge.

  10. You could hang some straw hats on the pegs to cover up the heart holes. That corner shelf is cute!!!

  11. Do you have any scraps of beadboard laying arount? You could cover the front of those hearts with a piece of beadboard and paint it all out. Add a small trim piece across the bottom to really finish it off. You could do it all with wood glue.

  12. I love the picture with the candle and the Bible! I know you're going to make it a chalkboard and I understand! :)

  13. I'd just paint the shelf to match your decor.

    BTW, I love your profile! :)


  14. Hi Bonnie !
    We were both thinking Elvis - how funny ! You
    go alot of great buys....If you hate the hearts shelf then go to Home Depot or Lowes and in the wood section they have wood onlays/medallions and you can cover up the hearts, then paint the entire piece one color. See my blog on the wood onlays - I have used them on several of my projects. Use wood glue not hot glue to adhere them or they will fall off. Have fun !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  15. Awesome finds! I love the prints! The mirror is so pretty too!

  16. You did well. I think you should buy some of those trim pieces that are made to embelish furniture or cabinets and make them look like hand carved or crafted. I am not explaining myself well, but I know that Rhoda put small ones on her breakfast chairs. I saw them all different sizes and shapes at Lowes. Just a thought. then paint after applying. Marla

  17. The wood onlays and medallions are a great idea! I have seen several of these shelves on sale - quality oak wood, too - but, the cute little carved hearts have seen their day. Alas, alas....However, your finds are spectacular, as everyone seems to agree! Hope you have a great day!

  18. You got some great buys! Not Elvis material to me. I've decoupaged the wall paper, but it's been awhile. I usually decoupage scrapbook paper and clip art. But if you're cutting things out of the wallpaper border, I'd think you'd just have to lay on the glue (I use Modge Podge) pretty good, then use five or six coats afterwards. Good luck!

  19. Bonnie I have passed on an award on to you. Come check out my blog to view.

  20. Dang it....I so hate buyers remorse...but not for this great shelf! Just add a quick little strip of beadboard over those old hearts, paint it up and voile'! New, cute and fresh.

    Thanks for coming for a visit....and for entering my little giveaway.